What to Expect from Our SEO Services

Consistently grow organic search traffic

Gain better placement in search result pages

Better conversion rates, higher ROI

Measurable and transparent results

Our SEO Process Overview

We use a very methodical approach to enhance your organic visibility. Each campaign is divided into five main components that are composed of several processes.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect us to do when you entrust us with your online business:

1. Keyword Research and Data Gathering

Modern search engine algorithms are much better at matching search results with implied user intent in a given query. For instance, a searcher who types in “how to choose the right car” implies the intention to learn and increase their awareness. Search engines will respond by serving up informational results that cater to the intent. If a user enters “shop for cars online,” search engines perceive a definitive intent to make a purchase, and more commercial results will be displayed.

Simply identifying keywords related to your product or service isn’t enough in today’s SEO landscape. Determining the keyword’s intent, its place in your customer buying cycle and building content which features that keyword are essential steps towards prominent placement on search result pages.

That’s where we come in: we’ll help you discover the best words and phrases that will help you generate conversions across all the stages of your target market’s buying process.

Search Volume and Commercial Value Analysis

Good keywords are not just relevant and intent-driven. They must also have enough search volume behind them to justify optimization investments. Our job is to discover all possible variants of your target keywords, analyze how often they’re searched and choose the ones that make the most business sense.

2. On-site Optimization

Successful optimization begins in earnest by fine-tuning every SEO element within your direct control. Search engines tend to reward technically sound, logically arranged and highly secure websites with compelling content. Our on-site optimization process will help you overcome SEO limitations, issues and deficiencies with:

Technical SEO Audit and Application

Your website’s ability to stay up and running, the speed of your pages’ load times, the cleanliness of its code and the level of security that it offers are some of the major technical factors that affect search visibility. Our team of SEO experts will perform a thorough review and analysis to diagnose your site’s technical health. Based on the findings, we will provide recommendations or direct assistance in implementing the necessary fixes.

Content Strategy and Development

The quality, originality and formatting of your content has a strong impact on search visibility. We will check your website’s content and assess the state of SEO elements in each webpage. This includes title tags, header tags, body text, topical relevance and overall quality. We will also perform a comprehensive scan for possible instances of plagiarism that can limit your ability to rise in the search results and bring about copyright infringement complaints.

Blog Development and Publication

A blog gives your website a platform where you can grow your content library, boost your authority and target long-tail keywords with specialized content assets. We’ll help you optimize this section of your website by providing content strategy recommendations.

3. Off-site Optimization

Search engines look beyond your website’s own pages to determine its authority and relevance to your target keywords. Off-site signals such as inbound links, brand mentions, social media shares and other citations are highly correlated with good placement on search result pages. Our SEO campaigns focus on the following three areas of off-site optimization:

Link Acquisition

Inbound links are still one of the most powerful determinants of search result positions. A backlink profile that’s rich in editorially-granted links from trusted websites is strongly correlated with a high degree of search visibility.

Through outreach, link reclamation and other link-earning methods, we’ll help you develop a natural link profile.

Link Profile Audit

Not all links are equal. Some can do more harm than good to your SEO health. Links from spam websites can limit your ability to rise in the search results. In extreme cases, these links can get your website penalized and blocked from search results altogether.

By performing a thorough link profile audit, we’ll evaluate each inbound link you have in order to identify the potentially harmful ones. We will then work to have them removed by the linking sites’ webmasters. If the webmasters refuse to cooperate, we may also use Google’s disavow tool to neutralize the effects of questionable backlinks.

4. Campaign Tracking

Comprehensive and accurate tracking allows you to see exactly how SEO is being done and what results it’s producing for your online business. When we optimize your website, you can expect to see detailed, regular and easy-to-understand updates that show progress on the following key areas:

Web Analytics

Web analytics covers the extraction, analysis and reporting of data generated from user sessions and accompanying behaviors within a website. By tracking metrics such as sessions, unique visitors, traffic sources, bounce rates, conversion rates and in-site events, we can gauge current performance and address areas of improvement.

Backlink Profile

As your link profile evolves, it’s important to measure its growth using several metrics to ensure it stays clean and natural. Domain authority, anchor text concentration, linking root domain count and total backlink count are just some of the figures that we keep a close eye on. In addition, we also watch the metrics of inbound link sources to guard against potentially harmful ones.

On-Site Diagnostics

Google Search Console is an excellent tool for detecting and addressing on-site SEO issues. With it, we can track issues such as duplicate content, crawl errors, malware and even manual actions that impose penalties. It can also be used to test your site’s implementation of Schema, mobile-friendly designs, XML sitemaps, etc.

5. SEO Reporting

As your search marketing partner, it’s our duty to provide our clients with detailed, accurate and fully transparent reports. We believe that the more informed our clients are, the better they’re positioned to make the best business decisions. The following are the sections that can be found in a typical report that we send out each month:

Executive Summary

Written in plain terms, this section provides a high-level view of what has been accomplished in the past 30 days. It provides a summary of issues and limitations that have been identified. It then briefly states what measures were taken to address the website’s SEO challenges. This section also contains information such as key performance indicators and what they mean for the campaign as a whole.

Traffic Overview

This section contains broad traffic statistics including the number of sessions, page views, bounce rates, average times on pages, etc. We also provide statistics on how much these metrics have increased or decreased month-on-month and year-on-year. This provides a quick feel for how the program is progressing as a whole.

Organic Search Traffic

This section provides statistics and visualizations on how organic search traffic is performing. This is the traffic acquisition channel that SEO directly affects and is the best gauge for SEO progress. Like the Traffic Overview section, we provide statistical comparisons of organic traffic movement month-on-month and year-on-year.

We also report on usage data such as bounce rates and average times on site for organic visits. This makes it easy to see whether your search-driven visitors’ intents are being satisfied by your content.

Content Performance Analysis

In this section, we examine which of your pages performed the best in terms of views, length of visitor stays and bounce rates. This helps us get a better idea about which types of content attracts your audience and which ones they find the most engaging. We then use that insight to guide content strategy moving forward.

Backlink Growth Analysis

A report on the current state of your website’s backlink profile. Statistics on link volume and linking root domain growth along with compound metrics such as domain and page authority shed insights as to how much off-site SEO is helping overall search visibility.

On-Site SEO Maintenance

Using tools such as Google Search Console, we can detect on-site SEO issues that may hinder organic search visibility. In this section, we provide an overview of issues detected and what has been done to abate them. When applicable, we attach spreadsheets to the report containing all the supporting data.

Conversions and ROI

Conversions occur when visitors perform actions that lead to the fulfillment of your website’s goals. This could be a wide array of things such as viewing a page, submitting a form, making a call or completing a purchase. We track and report all conversions and we let you know which ones were driven by each of your traffic acquisition channels. We then assign dollar values to each conversion so we can compute for your campaign’s ROI based on organic search conversions.