What to Expect from Our SEO Services

Consistently grow organic search traffic

Gain better placement in search result pages

Better conversion rates, higher ROI

Measurable and transparent results

Our SEO Process Overview

We use a methodical approach to enhance your organic visibility. Each campaign is divided into four main components that are composed of several processes.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect us to do when you entrust us with your online business:

1. Keyword Research and Data Gathering

Modern search engine algorithms are much better at matching search results with implied user intent in a given query. Simply identifying keywords related to your product or service isn’t enough in today’s SEO landscape. Determining the keyword’s intent and its place in your customer buying cycle are essential steps towards prominent placement on search result pages.

2. On-site Optimization

Successful optimization starts with fine-tuning every SEO element within your direct control. Search engines tend to reward technically sound, logically structured and highly secure websites with compelling content. Our on-site optimization process will help you overcome SEO limitations, issues and deficiencies with:

  • Technical SEO Audit and Application
  • Content Strategy and Development

3. Off-site Optimization

Search engines look beyond your website’s own pages to determine its authority and relevance to your target keywords. Off-site signals such as inbound links, brand mentions, social media shares and other citations are highly correlated with good placement on search result pages. Our SEO campaigns focus on the following three areas of off-site optimization:

  • Link Acquisition
  • Link Profile Audit

4. SEO Reporting

As your search marketing partner, it’s our duty to provide our clients with detailed, accurate and fully transparent reports. We believe that the more informed our clients are, the better they’re positioned to make the best business decisions. The following are the sections that can be found in a typical report that we send out each month:

  • Traffic Overview
  • Organic Ranking Overview